So you want to know a little about me?

I have been in and out of Second Life since about the year 2000 but I didn’t really start to truly utilize it until this past year in February 2009.  The graphics used to be terrible and I never truly knew what it was capable of.  Luckily my friend convinced me to stay so I decided to explore it a little more.

Not many people do realize what SL is capable of when they first use it.  So, it’s a chat program with virtual avatars.  Great.  After doing a little more research and exploration I discovered that SL was really a digital artist’s playground.  I learned how to do many things including building, clothing design, and even some photography.  All I have to say is that SL has come quite a long way in the past decade or so and it’s absolutely AMAZING!

I have set up my own virtual base with a studio, several store locations, and even a lounge where I can meet with my clientelle. The name of my design house which I have been running for over a decade and a half is NOVABLADE Studios.

On the other hand, SL has many other things to offer that has given it quite a reputation–unfortunately a negative one.  But I’m not really there for that.  I am not an escort, and I’m not there to date you, I’m not there for romance or flirting.  I have a happy healthy relationship with my partner who has also been my 1st life partner for nearly two decades.

I’m fascinated with art in many forms and always had a love for the virtual world–as one of my favorite writers William Gibson coined “cyberspace”.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.  If my IMs are capped please drop me a notecard.


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