Virtual Manifesto

I finally decided to start a Second Life blog as I was starting to spread out in many different directions.  With so many aspirations and ambitions I wanted to blog my journey and share it with those who care to join me.

I have been working tediously on my new mainstore location NOVABLADE Studios.   Feeling rather ambitious I decided it was about time to get my own parcel of land and have been enjoying it thoroughly.  So far I have constructed a lounge and photo studio.  I will be doing more work on the store soon.

Sad to say the Belial Japan Development in the Alanya sim where my mainstore is will be closing due to the fact that the sim owner Kurohi Dagger may have had something unfortunate happen to him in 1st life.  I wish him my best and the staff at BjD and I hope he is well.  I still have a small outlet store in the Insilico sim.

I will keep you updated as more progress is made.  Thanks for your votes of confidence!

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